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We do not support any more the old program Getty3!
In 15 sec you will be redirected to the website of our new program
for an automated search of used vehicles for sale, namely Cars HotSurf.

Getty3 - Search cars with European websites by one mouse click.

About Program

This program was designed to facilitate the work of automobile companies managers work, as well as people whose work is connected with the search of different vehicle categories through an automotive web markets: www.mobile.de, www.autoscout24.de.

The program automatically searches for new ads to match your search criteria. Then all the found ads are stored in a database program that allows you to continue making various actions with them:

- View ads in a local database program as well as on Internet exchanges;
- Print ads from local database program;
- Mark ads or ads groups as new or read;
- Delete ads or ad groups from recycle bin and local database program.

You can also create new or modify, and delete the old search criteria . The number of search criteria and the number of received ads can be quite large and is limited only by the capacity of your computer.

Using the Getty program, you can work much faster and more efficiently compared to using standard search programs.

System Requirements

- A computer with Intel or AMD processor 800 MHz frequency or higher.
- 128MB RAM or more
- 100 MB of disk space or more
- Operating system Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
- Stable internet connection at a speed of not less than 56KB / s ( for comfortable work with a large number of search requests DSL connection is recommended)

Program registration

To get the program and register, first you need to fill out a registration form on the program website: http://www.getty3.com/, after which an e-mail with an activation code will be sent to you. To work with the program you need to enter an activation code when you first start the program.

1 - E-mail.
2 - User ID.

If you are using a demo version of the program , the license is limited to 7 days free trial. If you have not activated the application within 7 days after program registration, lifetime free license will expire. For further use of the program you need to choose the appropriate license for your internet site program, which will allow you to increase the term of program use according to the license you’ve bought.

Starting the program

After installing the program you can run it by clicking on the GETTY3 icon on your desktop or by using the Start menu.

The program UI screen

1.Main toolbar program

1 – Start monitoring.
2 – Stop monitoring.
3 – Pause monitoring.
4 – Program settings.
5 – Remove ads.
6 – Print the selected ads.
7 – Information about the program.

Using this toolbar, you can operate the program.

2.Search requests area

1 – Automobile exchange server
2 – Categories of vehicles (cars, trucks cars, motorcycles, etc.)
3 – Vehicle search requests
4 – Recycling bin for deleted messages
5 – Column showing the number of new messages
6 – Column showing the total number of messages

The area of search requests used to display created requests, the number received, viewed and new messages for each request and for Internet exchange in general. Here you can delete requests, add new, delete the received ads for transport or auto – exchange category in the recycle bin, empty the recycle bin.
You can click " pause" for any search request. To do this, right-click and tick on the shortcut menu opposite "Abschalten kritrium" , then the search request icon will change to . To run request, the tick should be removed.

3.Search results area

1 – Message status
2 – Message download date
3 – Message information

Area of search results provides the ability to view received ads, to delete and change their status to read - / unread - ».

In the column «Datum» the date and time of ads download from the site in a local database are displayed, other columns provide information on the downloaded ad.

4.Messages review area.

When you select a message that interests you in the search results area, more detailed information about it will appear in the message review. In this area you can click on the link "See the website" and see a message that interests you in the original on the automobile internet exchange website.

5.Panel job status

Job Status panel is used to display ads downloading process. To download ads the program uses up to 10 threads and 2 additional threads to download the messages catalog.

How to work with the program

After completing the registration process , you can start your work. When running the program you need to wait a few minutes while the program loads data regarding the automobile markets . After downloading the main window will open.

Creating search requests

To create a new request , you must select the category of transportation you are interested in (eg «pkw») press the right mouse button and select «neu Kriterium» or press «INS». After that you will see a search request window. It sets the request name and search criteria according to which you would like to receive ads.

1 – Search request field name
2 – "The maximum number of new listings" setting
3 – A window with fields for the search request parameters

"Maximum number of new ads" specifies the maximum number of ads submitted to the Internet exchange over the course of the last 24 hours, then the program will only be accepting new ads.

Once you have set all the necessary parameters, press " OK " and the program will save your request and start the ads search. If the error window appears, you need to review and set the request parameter specified in the error, and then continue.

How to work with ads:

After receiving new ads you can review them in the results window.
After getting a new ad a blinking icon in the lower right corner of the screen will signal about it.

To remove the message, just click «delete» or select the desired action from the menu that appears when you click the right mouse button on the chosen message. Handling group messages is identical with handling single messages, you just need to select the message you are interested in by pressing the «Shift» or «Ctrl» buttons.

Your deleted messages fall into the recycle bin, when emptying the recycle bin, the messages are deleted from the system and can not be downloaded again.

After selecting the messages you are interested in, more detailed information about it can be viewed in the message area . Also in the message area, you can click on the link " See the website " and check the chosen messages on the automobile Internet exchange website, from which this ad was received.

Program settings

Selecting settings section in the menu , or by clicking its button in the status panel of the program , a window will appear . It can set a voice message , which will articulate a new ad delivery , set the time for reading a new message, automatically start to download new ads at the start of the program , and establish Internet channel loading extent.

1 – Automobile Internet Exchange Server

2 – Setting the number of threads to download ads

3 – Setting the time interval for updating data search

4 – Setting the time for reading a new message

5 – Selecting the sound notification of the received new ads

Deleting messages

1 – Selecting parameter to remove all ads
2 – Selecting period to remove ads

You can remove the ads uploaded completely or for a certain period in the selected categories of vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.), as well as all the categories at once.

Icon control




Download Status

Tasks Status Panel

Waiting for new posts

Download Status

Tasks Status Panel

New messages Download

Download Status

Tasks Status Panel

Stop downloading , bad connection or no connection

Start button to download messages

Main toolbar program

Start downloading messages

Stop messages downloading on all criteria and sites

Main toolbar program

Stop messages downloading on all criteria and sites

Messages downloading pausing button

Main toolbar program

Pauses messages downloading in all criteria and sites

Settings button

Main toolbar program

Opens the settings window

Messages delete button

Main toolbar program

Deletes messages in the selected criteria

Messages print button

Main toolbar program

Prints selected message

Information displays

Main toolbar program

Opens the information about the program output

Collapsed category

Area of search requests

Site category symbol which does not specify any search criteria ( search request )

Expanded category

Area of search requests

Site designation category which has given requests

Icon request

Area of search requests

Designation of your requests on vehicles search

Stopped request icon

Area of search requests

Designation suspension request on vehicles search

Recycle bin

Area of search requests

Recycle bin icon where your messages from the specified search requests are removed

Automotive Internet Exchange

Area of search requests

Designates automotive internet exchange website

A new message icon

Messages area

Designates new or unread message

Read message icon

Messages area

Denotes old or a read message

Additional information

Search results and new ads are downloaded in the program from automobile Internet – exchanges search engines, using search mechanisms and search forms provided by their search engines. In case of malfunctions of one or more pages of their online format or in case of changing search engine on the internet exchanges, this program may stop receiving information and downloading new ads from these internet pages. Program developers are not responsible for any problems caused by these changes, however they will do their best to avoid these problems, and restore the program functionality.

Since search results are automatically transmitted by search engines , software developers are not responsible for the content and accuracy of these results . Also, the developers are not responsible for any losses that have emerged or may emerge from the use or non-use of the program and its results.